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HMC Healthworks Insurance | Paying For Rehab

Addiction to alcohol or any kind of drug is a serious problem that usually requires treatment. Furthermore, the treatment allows you to avoid the more severe withdrawal symptoms that occur after you stop taking the substance you’re addicted to. Addiction is a chronic disease, which is why treatment is a necessary step in the recovery process. However, treatment is oftentimes expensive as a result of rising healthcare costs. We at CNV detox and rehab in Los Angeles, California accept most private & commercial Insurance. If you have private or corporate insurance coverage, your treatment at CNV Detox is most likely covered! CNV Detox is in-network with HMC HealthWorks, Health Net, Com-Psych, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Emblem Health, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Meritain Health.

What Is HMC Healthworks Insurance?

Health Management Concepts is a reputable healthcare management company that offers insurance rehab coverage. At the moment, this healthcare management company has more than one million participants. The goal that HMC has is to keep costs down by customizing plans to suit the patient’s needs. For instance, a standard program includes coverage for behavioral health, chronic care management, pharmacy benefit management, and wellness. They want their members to receive the highest quality care in an ideal environment.

Types Of Insurance Plans Available To You

As mentioned previously, the insurance plans available through Health Management Concepts are customizable. Patients can alter these plans to fit their exact needs, which means that they don’t pay for unnecessary coverage. There are six distinct and useful programs that members can select from. These programs include:

  • Chronic care management
  • Managed behavioral health
  • Wellness
  • EAP
  • Opiate and pain management
  • Value-added healthcare services

These programs should provide for everything you or your loved one needs during addiction treatment. However, the most important insurance plan available to members involves opiate and pain management. They understand that patients who suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol require treatment to improve their lives. As such, they provide ample resources and extensive coverage to assist in reaching these goals.

Members who obtain insurance through this provider can gain access to 24/7 crisis assessment. It’s also possible to speak to a licensed clinician at any time. Likely the most important aspect of HMC Healthworks insurance programs is that they help members obtain appointments and enter treatment programs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do to prepare for treatment, they can manage the entire process for you.

Before you enter a treatment program, you’ll receive information about the out-of-pocket expenses you’ll need to pay. Moreover, you gain access to an extensive provider network, which means that you shouldn’t need to drive long distances to reach an in-network treatment facility.

The Extent Of HMC Insurance Coverage For Rehab

Before you obtain an insurance policy with HMC, keep in mind that they don’t cover out-of-network providers in most situations. Coverage is only available for an out-of-network provider if emergency treatment is necessary. In most situations, patients must choose a specific provider at the time they sign up for insurance. The majority of insurance plans available with this provider include coverage for inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment.

Inpatient Treatment Coverage

Most plans provide coverage for inpatient treatment. Furthermore, these plans are usually tailored to the patient’s needs in order to reduce costs. Your out-of-pocket costs mainly include your deductible, which could be set at any amount. If you enter a premium plan with higher upfront costs, a copay might be your only expense for inpatient treatment. You can receive coverage for such inpatient services as:

  • A lengthy inpatient rehab stay
  • Medical detoxification
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Screenings and assessments
  • Aftercare services
  • Initial medical evaluation and treatment
  • Individual therapies

Outpatient Treatment Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is available for outpatient treatment services. When you sign up for an insurance policy, you gain access to a preferred provider program. Within this program are thousands of outpatient therapists, psychologists, and treatment facilities to select from. The out-of-pocket costs are relatively low and may only include a copay for outpatient services. The numerous outpatient services that a Health Management Concepts policy applies to include:

  • In-depth screening and assessments
  • Aftercare services
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Individual therapies
  • Group therapies
  • Medical evaluations and treatments
  • Psychiatric evaluations
Make sure that you understand the difference between inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment before customizing your plan. For instance, inpatient rehab requires you to remain in a residential facility 24/7 until you finish a treatment program. On the other hand, outpatient treatment allows you to attend treatment 3-5 times each week.

The benefit of outpatient treatment is that you can still maintain your work and school schedules. However, you might also have easy access to the drugs or alcohol you were addicted to. The primary benefit of inpatient rehab is that you’re in a drug-free environment until you know how to manage your addiction.

Insurance Verification And Admissions Process

If your insurance policy covers rehab, you can benefit from lower costs for inpatient or outpatient treatment. Once you find the right treatment facility to enter, the first step involves verifying your insurance. You can verify your insurance and the amount of coverage you have at this link. From here, you must fill out a form with some basic information that will help verify your benefits.

The information you must fill out includes your first name, DOB, email, phone number, insurance company, policy number, and group number. In addition to this information, you must fill out some contact info so that providers can contact you after verification. This info includes your first and last name, phone number, email, and the ideal time to reach you. Once you enter this information, you can submit the form and wait to receive verification. Response time is relatively short.

Now that your insurance is verified, you can start customizing your treatment program. As mentioned previously, treatment begins with an assessment of your addiction and any mental health concerns. From here, an intensive program is built to provide you with the most effective care. Whether you enter inpatient or outpatient treatment, your program will likely include a combination of therapies and holistic treatments. The entire goal of these treatments is to help you manage your addiction and build a strong support system.

What Treatment Entails In A Rehabilitation Facility

When you enter a rehabilitation facility, you must know what to expect from your treatment. Inpatient rehabilitation is more intensive than outpatient treatment. For instance, you’ll remain in the inpatient facility on a 24/7 basis until your treatment program is finished. The best aspect of inpatient rehab is that patients stay in a drug-free environment. In this environment, relapse is considerably less likely.

The first aspect of any treatment program involves an initial assessment. This assessment includes a mental and physical evaluation, which identifies the severity of your addiction. Depending on your needs, treatment may be applied for a mental disorder alongside your substance abuse. The evaluations you receive help staff members create a comprehensive recovery plan that should reduce the time you spend in treatment. By receiving the right treatments, you may finish the treatment program in 3-4 weeks. However, the duration of your treatment depends on several factors.

Types Of Therapies

There are three primary therapies and treatments that patients receive during inpatient rehab. These treatments include dual diagnosis treatment, holistic treatments, and aftercare programs. The dual diagnosis treatment is necessary for patients who suffer from addiction and a mental health disorder. It’s important to address both of these conditions at once to expedite recovery and keep a possible relapse at bay.

You may also receive holistic treatments in addition to a dual diagnosis treatment. Holistic treatments focus on healing the body and mind so that the patient better understands their addiction. Moreover, holistic treatments help reduce stress levels, which should make a relapse less likely. Two of the more common holistic treatments include meditation and acupuncture.

Finally, it’s time to take a look at aftercare programs. These programs are available to individuals who can complete their treatment program. Once you finish rehab, you must continue treatment to help you avoid taking drugs or alcohol again. Aftercare programs provide substantial resources that would otherwise be difficult to gain access to. Furthermore, you may want to stay in a sober living home to continue the recovery process. All of these treatments and programs are meant to help you take control of your life.

Once you’ve gone through the admissions process and your insurance has been fully verified, you’ll be provided with a series of treatments that are designed to assist you in managing your addiction. Keep in mind that each patient has a treatment plan that’s personalized to ensure that the treatment is wholly effective. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment services and how they can help you.

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