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Overcoming addiction is a road that cannot and should not be traveled alone. Having the right team beside you and getting proper treatment is the best way to make that road as smooth as possible. You can get the help you need right now at CNV Detox.

We believe that becoming sober should be about healing all aspects of your life. That is why we offer all services needed to make you be more than sober — to make you independent. No matter where you are on your way to a sober life, we can help you get to your destination of a healthier life. If you or a loved one require substance abuse treatment in Los Angeles, contact us today. Our team can answer all of your questions and tell you everything you need to know about our programs. You can be the happier you again and find your way back to a life without addiction.

Aftercare at Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles

Addiction is a lifelong disease, so leaving drug rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles does not mean going back to your usual life all at once. Patients will design an aftercare plan with their doctors before going back to their routines to avoid relapse.

People who think going back home might trigger them into using again can go into sober living or a transition home. They are a safe environment for people with sober lifestyles, with rules to promote sobriety.

Anyone in recovery should also look for support groups to stay clean and meet new people. 12 step programs are reliable, available in most cities, and their program has been praised for years. In these meetings, you will feel supported by those who understand you while also being held accountable. It is somewhere to feel like you belong and know you are not alone.

Finally, people in recovery need to continue going to therapy or psychotherapy for those taking medication. Mental health can directly affect one’s chances of relapsing. Relapse is a process, and the first stage is psychological and emotional. A therapist will be able to continue teaching relapse prevention techniques and prevent toxic behavior from continuing.

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