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Our Team at CNV Drug & Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles, California

Our mission is to offer ethical medical and non-medical drug and alcohol treatment for successful, long-term sobriety in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to provide treatment beyond patients’ expectations, which fosters a community of recovery, healing, and change.  We, at CNV Detox in Los Angeles, California,  pride ourselves on being highly skilled professionals, dedicated to providing personal and exceptional care.

CNV Detox provides drug & alcohol detoxification and residential rehabilitation. CNV Detox is an accredited and licensed 24/7 facility offering medically supervised detox programs. Our dual diagnosis program provides a multi-faceted family approach that simultaneously treats addiction and mental health for a full recovery.

Meet our team at CNV Drug & Alcohol Detox!

David Marvin
I love seeing people get the gift of recovery and watching them get their lives and their families back.
Kimberly Taylor, LMFT
Program Director
Kimberly Taylor is a highly trained professional in the area of mental health, substance use and trauma. During the course of the last fifteen years, she has worked extensively in both the private and public sector in direct services, as well as Executive Management. She also previously ran the largest Non-Profit treatment program in Western Riverside County and oversaw the implementation of anger management, violence prevention and healthy relationship curriculum and groups for the school districts, probation, and social service agencies for over ten years. She has developed curriculum for all levels of care for substance abuse treatment and mental health programs and ran several large treatment centers in Orange County before joining CNV Detox. She loves working with the team at CNV to truly impact and make a significant difference in the lives of the clients. Her favorite treatment modalities are CBT, Gestalt, and Family Systems. However, she strongly believes in the individual client and what form of treatment is best for them based on their unique needs. “The shift for a client can happen at any time where they see themselves in a different way or they make a connection that gives them the insight to truly change their lives. Being able to be a part of that change is what makes my job very rewarding.”
Steve Silverman
Aftercare Manager
Steve Silverman, a Los Angeles native, studied to become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor at Loyola Marymount University. Since 2009, Steve has maintained his sobriety with the belief that social connection is key to maintaining life long recovery. With extensive experience in the field of recovery, he has found his new purpose in helping others. Steve’s approach to recovery is one of reality testing while maintaining a light heart and sense of humor. Steve has touched the lives of many people in recovery.
Duncan McArthur
Lead Technician
Duncan McArthur has worked in the recovery field since 2015, gaining extensive experience throughout all levels of care. Beginning as a behavioral health technician, Duncan quickly worked his way to becoming a supervisor. Born and raised in Orange County, Duncan has been sober since 2009. He provides unique insight to our clients as they progress in their sobriety.
Jaime Pratts
Lead Technician
Jaime Pratts was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and raised in Los Angeles. Jaime has worked in treatment since 2014 with roles ranging from house manager to a supervisor. His passion for helping others guides his unique ability to support clients and connect with them over food and sports alike.
Vanessa Gallardo, MSW Candidate October 2021
Drug & Alcohol Counselor
Vanessa Gallardo is a drug and alcohol counselor at CNV Detox. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from California State University, Fullerton. Vanessa is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work and will be graduating October 2021. Vanessa has experience in the field of mental health working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. Vanessa’s clinical experience ranges from working in mental health county programs, non-profit organizations, and field based direct behavioral therapy with children and adults. Vanessa focuses on creating a supportive and non-judgemental environment, with simultaneously balancing and understanding the need for accountability. Vanessa explores with clients on ways to improve their relationships through guiding clients how to set boundaries and empower independence. Vanessa provides a safe space to facilitate insight and understanding with guidance and hope. Vanessa is passionate about helping individuals and providing guidance to overcome obstacles and move forward.
Melissa Gomez, MSW Candidate, May 2022
Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Melissa Gomez is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at CNV Detox. She obtained a Bachelor's of Arts in Early Childhood Education at California State University, Long Beach. Melissa is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California focusing on adult mental health and wellness, she will be graduating May 2021. Melissa has experience working in the field of mental health with children and older adults. Melissa's experience consists of direct support care and integrated care with adults. Melissa focuses on the clients needs, taking into account that each client has a unique background with different battles and traumas. Melissa provides a safe and welcoming space for clients to express their vulnerability, emotions and empowering individuals to achieve a healthier mindset through the use of interventions. Melissa enjoys being a part of the clients growth in treatment and being a part of the process of helping individuals overcome their struggles with addiction.
Jason Zellers
Detox Technician
Jason was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Los Angeles. Jason has worked in treatment as a technician with CNV since 2019 and has an extreme passion for helping others. Jason’s absolute favorite thing about this job is watching people find their passion and zest for life again.

Why Patients Choose CNV Drug and Alcohol Detox?

-Intimate, 6-bed house creates opportunities for patients and staff to build strong and supportive relationships that will help you complete detox and residential treatment.

-We accept most major insurance companies. If you have private or corporate insurance coverage, your treatment at CNV Detox is most likely covered!

-Intensive, individualized programs seven days per week provide healing and support for long-term success in recovery.

-Licensed by California Department of Healthcare Services & Accredited by the Joint Commission

-Family-owned and operated. CNV Detox builds caring family environment.

-We treat substance use disorders through a combination of medication and therapy.


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