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“[CNV Detox] served as the springboard to my new life…”

To the staff of CNV Detox,

In complete sincerity, you guys saved my life. You all served a role as the tip of the spear in my continued sobriety today.

With no gap in performance, you as a team nursed me back to health, provided constant and important therapy, and round the clock personalized attention.

You served as the springboard to my new life, my sober life, my love of life. I am forever indebted to you. I enjoy coming back to visit you all, and going to AA meetings with you when my schedule allows.

I will honor your gift by staying in touch with you, so that you may also enjoy my road to happy destiny!

Thank you CNV team,


“[CNV Detox] introduced me to one of the greatest tools I have found on my journey in recovery: breathwork.”

I stayed at the CNV Detox/RTC in early 2019 and I was apprehensive at first because I’ve been through detox before and opiate withdrawal is excruciating.  From the moment I arrived I was treated with unconditional kindness and the staff were without judgement.  I was given the proper medication for the opiate withdrawals and I experienced very minor symptoms.   

The house was always very clean, there were lots of fresh towels/hygiene products, 3 meals a day/more than enough to snack on, multiple rooms to watch tv when not in group sessions, and cozy/clean 2 bedrooms.   

The group facilitator/counselor has extensive knowledge about drug addiction and alcoholism, plans engaging sessions that help you to better understand what’s going on inside of you and help you to make changes and work on consistent growth, has a great sense of humor, and truly cares about you becoming better.   

They even brought in a guest facilitator who introduced me to one of the greatest tools I have found on my journey in recovery: breathwork.  It’s a holistic breathing exercise that releases stress, anxiety, depression, and bottled emotions.  It induces a state of mind perfect for meditation and I have continued to practice this consistently after leaving CNV Detox and it has completely changed my life for the better.   

The owner and his son are two of the most kindhearted and caring people I have ever met, and I will forever be grateful for the assistance and experience they provided to me when I needed it.   


“I would highly recommend this place if you really want help with your addiction.”

I am so grateful for CNV Detox. The staff was so caring and accommodating for my needs. They made me feel extremely comfortable.  The fact it’s in a house in an inclusive good neighborhood made it feel more relaxing instead of that hospital feeling. They made delicious home cooked meals and it was always stocked with healthy foods. The place was always kept very clean. They also have amazing therapy. The fact it’s only 6 beds makes it so much better than a place where you can hide and not benefit from the group therapy.  I would highly recommend this place if you really want help with your addiction.   


“I credit this facility for giving me my life back.”

I can’t thank CNV Detox enough. I credit this facility for giving me my life back. What separates this place from the rest is an owner and staff who genuinely care. Coming off drugs and alcohol is not a pleasant experience, however they ensured I was comfortable every step of the way. They cater to each client’s individual needs and will go above and beyond to help you attain sobriety. 


“CNV Detox never fell short.”

CNV Detox was the first step I took towards recovery and I feel lucky to have found such a reliable place to steer me in the right direction. I was welcomed with open, caring arms from the second I walked in the door. The entire staff, from the techs to the owner, and everyone in between, were there to help and tend to whatever needs I had.  

The facility was clean and equipped with everything necessary for maximum comfort during a rather dirty and uncomfortable time in my life. 3 solid meals + snacks available whenever I wanted helped me get back to a healthy weight and gave me the much-needed strength to help me get through this rough period of my life.  

The physical fuel paired with the emotional and spiritual support that the staff was able to offer me via their advice and words of wisdom were exactly the things I was seeking in my time of need and CNV Detox never fell short.  

I am forever grateful for this company and everyone who works to keep this facility running because without them I could honestly say I have no idea where I would be today. If you are struggling and need help getting and staying sober, CNV Detox can offer you just that, a place to start your new life. 


“The staff always treated me with dignity…”

I had the good fortune of finding CNV detox at a time in my life when I really needed some help. The folks at CNV Detox were welcoming, accommodating, and kind when I was feeling desperate and hopeless. Detox can be a miserable and humiliating experience, but the staff always treated me with dignity, and made sure I was comfortable.  

The food is exceptional, beds are comfortable, and the therapist are top notch. David and Matt are always there when you need them and have your best interest at heart. I have been to several detox centers and would recommend CNV to anyone that needs help with their substance abuse problem.  

Thanks, CNV Detox. 


“They are my second family and the place of my rebirth.”

If you are like me, you have probably searched a bunch of places looking for a place to detox and recover. Most likely you or someone you love is looking for a way out from a life of drugs and alcohol. Maybe you are so sick and tired of being chronically depressed, have crippling anxiety, or maybe you are dealing with an eating disorder. Whatever your ailment is, it a scary thing to put your faith in the hands of strangers. I searched for days and days before I came across CNV Detox, I was literally calling so many places I was forgetting who said what.  

It was only by the grace of God that I found CNV Detox. I look at my pictures when I first arrived at CNV and I don’t even recognize myself. I was a shell of a human being when I got to CNV Detox, I was so skinny, depleted, confused, scared, and drugged out. I was really on the verge of death, either by my own hands or the hands of drugs, depression, anxiety, and fear.  

David, Matt and the staff at CNV Detox are angels in human form. They go above and beyond for their clients. The program they carry out saves lives. This is not just a detox – it is a group of professional and compassionate people that genuinely care and do so with so much humility. The support and individualized care CNV Detox provides is unreal. I didn’t even think it was possible for me to feel happiness, to feel alive, or to get out of the funk of my depression. CNV Detox is so dear to my heart, they are my second family and the place of my rebirth. 

I will forever be indebted to you CNV Detox, thank you for saving me.  



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