Men’s Rehab

As a whole, men experience a different kind of struggle throughout life than women. To demonstrate, both men and women are diagnosed with alcohol use disorder by the millions. Yet, 9 million men make up the population versus 5.1 million women. 

Men have a wholly unique set of issues when it comes to recovery. That’s why a men’s addiction treatment center (or men’s rehab) is a smart solution for recovery. 

What Makes a Men’s Rehab Center Different? 

To begin, a men’s addiction treatment center is a rehabilitation facility that only treats men. They do this because men and women have cognitive, physical, and social differences. Addiction looks different for men for this reason. Hence, a men’s addiction treatment center can provide a better experience overall for males. The treatment itself explores issues from toxic masculinity to common mental illnesses and health disorders in men to better help them. 

Science to some extent shows that there aren’t huge differences between men and women from a biological standpoint. However, they experience the world quite differently. This is doubly so in American society. Men’s rehab creates a program that caters to male needs. Every patient is different but shared societal experience between members shapes the recovery journey. 

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A Men’s Rehab Center Recognizes Differences Between Men and Women 

Stanford Medicine reports that men and women are unique from a cognitive perspective. Nirao Shah, a Stanford professor, explored neural circuits to reveal distinct behaviors between the two.

He found that differences happened at an innate, unconscious level. The widely accepted theory at the time was that the sex dichotomy experienced the world different from largely sociological influences. Both biology and society play a role in the cognitive development of each respective sex. 

Cognitive differences between the two genders include: 

Further, this affects mental illness, ability, and health disorders as a whole. Stanford Medicine notes that men are twice as likely to develop a substance abuse disorder than women. In addition, they are 40% more at risk to develop schizophrenia than women. Also, autism rates are four to five times higher in comparison to women, and dyslexia is about 10 times more. To summarize, biological differences are at the root of cognitive disparities. 

What To Expect At a Men’s Rehab Center 

Men who decide to become a member of a men’s addiction treatment center should expect to undergo an intake process. Initially, an intake specialist will gather the basics of the tentative member’s life. This involves a series of questions. 

What substances do they struggle with? Do they have more than one disorder (aka a dual diagnosis)? Do they have obligations outside of recovery? What are they expecting to pay? These questions will determine if they are the right fit for the individual. 

After, both patient and facility will decide if their men’s rehab is right for them. Treatment is gender-specific but also specific to the individual. Furthermore, a mix of therapies and programs are curated. The type of methods used in recovery depends upon every factor in a man’s life. The following are some forms of treatment a patient can expect to see at a men’s addiction treatment center. 

Common Programs Offered at a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

12-Step Programs 

The origin of the 12-step program dates back to 1935. Without detailing each step, they were centered on admitting a problem and being accountable for it. This includes making amends with people they have hurt in the past. While no one is in control over an addiction, they do have the power to seek recovery. 

A program such as this is faith-based. Men will rely on the power of God to help them through their rough times. They will repent, but in a way where they acknowledge they’re still human. This might be especially difficult for men to accept. They’re used to exuding a tough exterior. Admitting they deserve love and happiness might not come as easily as it would to a woman. 

Dual Diagnosis Therapy 

A dual diagnosis is present when a person suffers from more than one health disorder at the same time. It’s also known as a co-occurring disorder. As we previously mentioned, a large population of men suffers from mental illness and substance use disorder. A men’s addiction treatment center will take into account every factor of a man’s health. 

Also, they’ll look out for physical and mental disorders that are common within the male population. Men entering the program may not realize entirely what turned them to drugs and alcohol. Discovering the underlying cause of the addiction means a full and healthy recovery. 

Non-Medical Detox

Additionally, treatment at a men’s rehab might include a non-medical detox. Medical detox can act as a crutch in recovery at times. Lots of men are deprived of emotional support. A non-medical detox supplies them with strong emotional support to help them through withdrawal symptoms and cravings. 

That said, some men do need a medical detox depending on the severity of their substance use disorder. Some withdrawals can cause a man to have a seizure or start hallucinating. This is likely with hard drugs like opioids and benzos. 

Inpatient Drug Rehab 

When learning a new concept, one could argue immersion is the best way to grasp it. The same goes for learning how to maintain sobriety. In an inpatient drug rehab, patients will live at a facility. This means they have access to support and medical assistance around the clock. 

With this, like-minded peers surround them. Their shared experience and goals within the men’s rehab and in life will expedite recovery. On average, patients will stay at a facility for 21 to 30 days. However, programs can last up to a year or longer. 

Holistic Therapies

Moreover, holistic therapy can be a part of the treatment at a men’s addiction treatment center. Holistic therapy is a general term to describe therapy without the use of medication. It’s also different from talk therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). 

A men’s rehab might cater a form of holistic therapy that men typically enjoy: 

Other forms of holistic therapy include art therapy and nutrition education. A combination of these will benefit a man with a substance use disorder. While women and men enjoy the same activities, holistic therapy will gear toward activities men are known to like more on average. 

Benefits of a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center 

An addiction recovery center is essential for a viable recovery plan. However, a gender-specific addiction treatment center offers more benefits than one that accepts everyone. While this is a bit less inclusive, the pros outweigh the cons. 

Men’s rehab

Three Reasons to Choose a Men’s Rehab 

  1. It tackles the issue of toxic masculinity. The concept of toxic masculinity is that men have certain societal roles. For example, American men might feel the need to be the breadwinner. They may feel that displays of emotion and affection are unmanly. This causes them to act riskier and “manly” to fit into the rigid mold of masculinity. Many end up with a substance use disorder when they behave this way. Men’s rehab will show patients why this is wrong.
  2. Medical professionals are on guard for issues men commonly experience. Men are at a higher risk for certain mental and physical disorders than women. When a problem arises, a trained clinician might be able to diagnose a co-occurring disorder more quickly. They have solely dealt with men at the facility, which makes them more in tune with common problems among them. 
  3. The camaraderie of male peers. In general, men relate more to other men. The societal pressure put upon them is different than that of women. When a recovering addict decides to go with a men’s rehab, he enters a like-minded community. 

CNV Detox Provides Men’s Rehab and Recovery in Los Angeles

Men who suffer from a substance use disorder in Los Angeles want to be seen and heard. Their recovery journey will differ from the other gender. CNV Detox understands this. That’s why we offer treatment that encompasses every part of a person, including gender. If you are a man who seeks sobriety, contact us now.