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CNV Detox provides drug & alcohol detoxification and residential rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California. CNV Detox is an accredited and licensed facility offering medically supervised detox programs. Our dual diagnosis program provides a multi-faceted family approach that simultaneously treats addiction and mental health for full recovery.

Our Addiction Treatment Specialties Include

Sub-Acute Detox

Residential Addiction Rehab

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment

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About CNV Drug & Alcohol Detox & Rehab

CNV Drug and Alcohol Medically Supervised Detox & Residential Rehab in Los Angeles specializes in drug and alcohol sub-acute detoxification & residential rehabilitation. Our dual diagnosis treatment is also available for those who are suffering from addiction & mental health issues.We treat substance use disorders through a combination of medication and therapy. Medication is used to ease the patient from the physical pain and anxiety of detoxification when needed. Once the patient is relatively comfortable, an individualized treatment plan is created. Patients play an active role in developing their treatment plans.

Our detox protocols, including length of stay and prescribed medications, are determined by our Staff Physician after the patient completes an Initial History and Physical (H&P) Assessment. Each patient has an opportunity to discuss their specific situation with our Staff Physician upon admission and face-to-face updates throughout the stay. In addition, each patient is visited by our psychiatrist. Our extensive programs, seven days per week, provides healing and support for long-term success in recovery. Within a caring family environment, our patients attend process groups, individual therapy with licensed/certified clinicians, relapse prevention, breathwork, yoga, and physical training.

Our Intake Process:

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3. We Schedule Your Pre-assessment Phone Call With Our Clinician.

4. We Test You For COVID-19 Before Admission.

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Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal, Medically Supervised Detoxification and Residential Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, CA

Detoxing From Alcohol

Alcohol addiction affects millions globally, leading to severe health and social issues. Our detox program offers a supportive and safe environment to manage withdrawal symptoms and start the journey to recovery, helping individuals regain control over their lives.

Opioid Detox, Rehab

Opioid addiction is a growing crisis, with devastating consequences for individuals and families. Our comprehensive detox program offers tailored treatment to address the complexities of opioid dependency, laying the foundation for long-term sobriety and health.

Painkiller Detox, Rehab

Prescription painkillers, while effective for pain management, can lead to dependency. Our detox center addresses the challenges of painkiller addiction with a focus on pain management, emotional well-being, and strategies for sustained recovery.

Benzodiazepines Detox

Benzodiazepine dependency, often arising from anxiety or insomnia treatments, requires careful and expert management. Our detox program provides medically supervised withdrawal and personalized support, crucial for safe recovery and long-term well-being.

Methamphetamine (Meth) Detox

Methamphetamine addiction is a severe and life-threatening condition. Our detox center offers a comprehensive approach to meth detox, focusing on physical health, mental well-being, and relapse prevention, guiding individuals towards a healthier, drug-free future.

Prescription Stimulants Detox

Prescription stimulants, often used to treat disorders like ADHD, can lead to dependency when misused. Over 5 million Americans misuse prescription stimulants, risking severe health issues and dependency. Appropriate detox and treatment are vital for overcoming this challenge and restoring health and balance.

Inhalants Rehab/Detox

Inhalants, commonly found in household products, are often overlooked as a source of substance abuse. Yet, misuse affects millions, leading to acute health risks and dependency. Our comprehensive program addresses the unique challenges of inhalant abuse, paving the way towards a healthier, substance-free life

Fentanyl Detox

Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, is responsible for a significant number of overdose deaths worldwide. Its high potency increases the risk of addiction and health complications. Our detox program offers specialized, intensive care to safely manage fentanyl withdrawal and support long-term recovery.

Synthetic Cannabinoids Detox

Synthetic cannabinoids, often marketed as 'safe' alternatives to cannabis, can lead to unpredictable and severe health effects. Our detox center addresses the unique challenges posed by these substances, providing expert medical supervision and support to navigate the detox process and foster a path towards recovery.

Why Choose CNV Detox?

Intimate, 6-bed detox facility, conveniently located in Los Angeles, C alifornia.

Intensive, individualized programs seven days per week provide healing and support for long-term success in recovery.

Licensed by California Department of Healthcare Services & Accredited by the Joint Commission

Family owned & operated detox. We build supportive relationships & caring family environment that helps in maintaining long-term sobriety.

We accept most major insurance companies. If you have private or corporate insurance, your treatment at CNV Detox is most likely covered!

Our highly professional medical team treats substance use disorders through a combination of medication and therapy.

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The path to recovery is only one step away. Begin your treatment at CNV Detox in Los Angeles, California as soon as the same day. For your convenience, we work 24/7. Our team is ready to help as soon as you reach out.

Insurance Verification

CNV Detox accepts most major insurance. Call us today for a free verification of benefits. You can also verify your benefits online – no obligation required. If you have private or corporate insurance coverage, your treatment at CNV Detox is most likely covered! We do not accept Medicare/Medicaid.

Verified Testimonials

Jessica Tully
Jessica Tully
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I came to CNV while in an extremely fragile and desperate state. CNV staff were some of the warmest and genuine people I have ever come across. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and taken care of. They also spent hours going above and beyond to make sure I got the best possible after care. The owner, David, genuinely cares and is very involved in the patients care to ensure they are getting the best possible. I love CNV and every single person that worked there helped me in so many ways. If you or are a loved one are considering going here, this is the best option in Los Angeles no doubt.
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While I could write pages on how great this place is, I will summarize as follows: This is a First Rate facility. We had our son at CNV Detox and it was a very successful stay. The owner and staff are outstanding. They really connected with him. Got to understand him and he in turn discovered with them, his issues and what new courses of action he would need to take to move forward with his life. They also brought him to court when needed. He left a more confident person and one who is very motivated to turn his life around. The Best thing I can say, is that if you are looking for a facility, please GO and Check this place out before making a final decision on a facility.
Carla Accosta
Carla Accosta
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The staff at CNV are courteous and professional. My daughter who has struggled with addiction for years was treated here and she was able to get the help she needed. She did detox and then went into sober living and she has never been better! It is such a blessing and a joy to finally see the light be rekindled in her eyes. We highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their addiction!
John P R
John P R
Read More
As a parent of someone battling addiction, it is difficult to be able to provide help. You never know if the help you provide is useful or harmful. CNV Detox, their director and staff made sure to keep us in the loop as our loved one battles their demons. They offered encouragement and a light at the end of years long battles. And, while the recovery process is a continuing process, I know that our loved one has people with whom they can feel safe and who care deeply about them as they continue in their recovery. They have allowed our loved one to see that they are not alone in their struggles and provided continued support. Bless them for that.
Shannon Hoffman
Shannon Hoffman
Read More
When my son needed professional help to detox and made it to CNV - I was both terrified and so relieved. If you are reading this you or someone you love must need it too. My heart goes out to you. The people at CNV saved his life. Literally. I could not be more grateful . The daily communication and support was consistent and always available so I knew my son was safe and in good hands while going through a very painful patch in his life. David was at all times and continues to be available in a genuine caring supportive and no nonsense way. If you are looking for a place to go for help or looking for someone you love - look no further - CNV - yes a - new life house.
Anthony Goldberg
Anthony Goldberg
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I came to CNV Detox after a 6 month blackout drunk. I arrived beaten up, physically and mentally. I was shaking uncontrollably. As soon as they saw me and said “it’s going to be okay.” I actually believed them. I felt the most positive and loving environment at CNV. They were there to guide me through this rough time. It’s a beautiful house and all the staff were great. When I left I cried, not because I was sad, but because my heart felt full again. I highly recommend CNV detox to anyone seeking help. David is truly a gift to this world. I couldn’t have asked to be around a more caring group of people. Thank you all for another chance at a wonderful life….Sober! Sincerely, Tony G
Kathy M
Kathy M
Read More
Recently it became necessary for a family member to seek treatment for a life out of control. Under dire circumstances, David at CNV Detox made the admission process as seamless as he possibly could. His team and staff were amazingly caring from the first minute after arrival and their caring treatment continued for the entire stay. They were able to help the detox process with empathy and understanding. I would highly recommend CNV for anyone battling addiction or the effects of PTSD.
Sid Hales
Sid Hales
Read More
CNV Detox was exactly what I needed to start my journey in recovery. The staff was extremely supportive and knowledgeable about the difficulties faced when making the decision to change your life. They were able to get me through the worst of my withdrawals with the least amount of pain possible. Afterwards, they thoroughly prepared me for the next step in moving forward and made sure I understood what was needed to be done to prosper in my sobriety. I truly feel in my heart that these guys really care about helping people to better their lives.

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We Accept Most Private & Commercial Insurances.

If you have private or corporate insurance coverage, your treatment at CNV Detox is most likely covered! CNV Detox accepts payment from HMC HealthWorks, Com-Psych, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Emblem Health, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Meritain Health and TRICARE.

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